Did You Know?

There’s a way to signal that your pup needs space on walks

Yellow Dog Project

Have you seen a dog with a yellow ribbon on it’s leash? In 2013, Tara Palardy started the Yellow Dog Project as a way to denote dogs that don’t want to be approached for a variety of reasons, when they are walking on leash. The project encourages owners of dogs to tie a yellow ribbon around your dog’s leash or collar to indicate to others that your pup needs space. The reasons for needing space while on a walk vary: perhaps they are shy, nervous, recovering from surgery or illness, in season, or they are in-training and still haven’t mastered proper leash etiquette. While this project can be a simple indicator to respect a dog’s space bubble, it is not intended for aggressive dogs. For more information on the Yellow Dog Project, you can visit here or here to get other’s take on adding a yellow ribbon to your leash.

Photo by Yunming Wang on Unsplash