I trust them completely each time I drop off my girl...for the day or while on vacation. Their prices are reasonable, their customer service excellent, the facility is impeccably clean, and the value of not having to worry about my pup is priceless!

Aubrie, Yelp Reviewer

I make the final turn into the parking lot, he jumps up like he knows we're here. The handlers, both the ones who have worked here in the past and the ones now treat him like a prince so as the owner or customer, I can't ask for much more.

Paul, Wag Hotels Client

Lash has been coming to Wag since he was a puppy. They have a puppy social and that's how we found Wag originally. Very professional but also very much a community, and very much a family.

Camille, Wag Hotels Client

This place rocks! My boy was abused as a puppy and was petrified of people when I adopted him. When I would leave him in the beginning, he would shake and cling to me. I am both happy and sad to report that he now bounds out of the car to race to the door. He greets all of the people who work there, who know him by name, and then runs to the play room. He doesn't even look over his shoulder to say good bye!

Lauren, Yelp Reviewer

I'm new to the area and checked out Wag Hotels for day care for my frenchie. They were so informative - gave me a tour of the whole facility and a break down of prices. I also love how I can watch him on a live camera while he's at camp. There's a "valet" drop off to make it easier and they even made me a little report card to tell me how my dog did that day.