Santa Clara Pet Spa

Spoil your favorite pup and bring your them to our Wag Hotels Santa Clara pet spa.

Our team of dog grooming Santa Clara professionals knows how to make your pup shine. We provide breed-specific baths with special shampoos and conditions that are best suited for your dog’s skin and fur type. You can even add on our All Natural Bath Upgrade for some extra pampering. Request a nail trim and ear cleaning, and don’t miss out on teeth cleanings, flea treatments, and grooming sessions, too. 

For those who want their dog’s pet grooming Santa Clara experience to be ultra pampering, check out our other treatments and add-ons. Our Fur Mask exfoliates and hydrates your dog’s skin, while our Lemon Sea Salt Bath includes calming lemongrass extracts. You can choose our Deep Conditioning Treatment, which uses almond oil and oatmeal products, or the Wag Detox, complete with an aromatherapy massage! Between hair dye and colorful pedicures, your pup will walk out shaking his tag with confidence. 

When you’re searching for a prime Santa Clara pet spa for your four-legged friend, look no further than Wag Hotels. Then with your well-groomed pup in tow, you’ll be all set to explore the city together. 

  • Bath

    Breed Specific
    Breed Specific. Please call.
  • All Natural Bath Upgrade

  • Lemon Sea Salt Bath

    Bath Add-On. Lemongrass extracts that will have a calming effect on your pet. This anti-microbial formula will help restore your pet's skin.
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment

    Grooming/Bath add on service. An almond oil formulated treatment that will moisturize the skin and damaged hair. This service includes an oatmeal balanced shampoo, conditioner, and a deep conditioning spray to finish.
  • Wag Detox

    Grooming/Bath add on service. A combination package that will leave your dog feeling brand new! Complete with a protein enriched tea tree shampoo, aromatherapy massage, finished with a fur mask treatment.
  • Flea Bath

    $10 - 20. Breed specific.