San Diego Pet Spa

Treat your pet to an industry-leading grooming experience at the Wag Hotels San Diego pet spa. Our pet grooming experts provide breed-specific haircuts, calming baths designed for a range of specific skin types, and extra pampering packages to make your pet feel like royalty.

If you’re looking for the most luxurious pet grooming San Diego has to offer, bring your pet to the spa at Wag Hotels. Our elite pet groomers use a selection of premium Wag Hotels Spa products to cleanse, soothe, and rejuvenate pets’ skin, fur, and hair. Choose from organic shampoos, hydrating conditioners or cleansers that are formulated without any dyes or fragrances and are ideal for sensitive skin. Our Paw Pad Rubs help soothe weary paws.

A Lemon Sea Salt bath will leave your pet’s coat feeling soft, snuggly and relaxed. Foaming fur masks are designed to gently exfoliate hard-to-reach areas and leave your pet smelling extra fresh and clean. Every dog grooming San Diego bath appointment includes an ear cleaning and nail trim. Anal gland expression is available upon request.

Hygienic treatments such as sanitary nail trims and teeth brushing help keep pets comfortable and feeling their best. When you want pet grooming that’s as unique as your favorite furry friend, Wag Hotels elite groomers are here to help.

  • Bath

    Breed Specific
    Breed Specific. Please call.
  • All Natural Bath Upgrade

  • Lemon Sea Salt Bath

    Bath Add-On. Lemongrass extracts that will have a calming effect on your pet. This anti-microbial formula will help restore your pet's skin.
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment

    Grooming/Bath add on service. An almond oil formulated treatment that will moisturize the skin and damaged hair. This service includes an oatmeal balanced shampoo, conditioner, and a deep conditioning spray to finish.
  • Wag Detox

    Grooming/Bath add on service. A combination package that will leave your dog feeling brand new! Complete with a protein enriched tea tree shampoo, aromatherapy massage, finished with a fur mask treatment.
  • Flea Bath

    $10 - 20. Breed specific.