Dog Training Sacramento

Welcome to Wag University at Wag Hotels in Sacramento, where we believe training and education play important roles in sustaining a healthy relationship between pets and their people. Our training staff uses humane, scientifically-proven positive-reinforcement dog-training methods, ensuring you and your furry family member receive the highest quality education.

We offer:
  • Customizable one-on-one dog training classes for busy pet parents
  • Dog obedience training helping to correct unwanted behaviors such as potty training, leash manners, or jumping
  • Dog and puppy training classes to help socialize your pet
  • Just-for-fun training activities to promote mental stimulation
We proudly work with dogs of all breeds, sizes, skill levels, and ages! All trainers at Wag University are members of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and/or have been certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) – the top independent certifying organization for dog trainers – marking high professional distinction.

Enroll your pup in Wag University at Wag Hotels today and enjoy top-of-the-pack Sacramento dog training and education!

  • Sit, Stay & Play


    Interactive fun with one of our certified trainers! Does your dog need a refresh on simple commands? This service is done exclusively with a trainer, and helps your dog practice basic manners.

  • Agility

    For the canine athlete, your dog will get to maneuver through fun agility obstacles on our amazing rooftop! Video on Agility
  • Sniff & Seek


    This activity is a great way for a dog to exercise his mind and stimulate his senses! Instead of focusing on simple obedience we work on behaviors that require the dog to make intelligent choices in order to get a reward.