Our Story

Wag Hotels was founded in 2005 by pet lovers who couldn't find a suitable place to leave their pets during business trips. What started as a personal quest has grown into the ultimate boarding and daycare resort for dogs and cats. We provide the highest level of service and to delight pets and their parents.

Our staff hails from the best animal science programs in the country. We have worked in notable institutions like the San Diego Zoo and in prominent veterinary offices throughout California.

Our Philosophy

Wag Hotels provides uncompromising fun, safety, and comfort to pets, as well as, world-class convenience to their owners.

Fun: Our staff is fully committed to providing a fun and loving experience for your pet.

Safety and Comfort: Our science-based approach is incorporated into our methodologies to ensure a safe, comfortable, and low-stress experience for our guests.

Convenience: With 24/7/365 drop-off, pick-up and camera access, Wag makes convenience for pet owners one of our highest priorities.

Community: Every year, we support local rescue and shelter organizations, co-host adoptions to support local businesses, and host educational events for the community.

Peace of Mind

You can enjoy the freedom of peace of mind at Wag Hotels. In addition to taking care of your pet, we provide you with 4-star hotel service.

Safe Environment

  • Professionally trained staff on site 24 hours a day
  • Constant fresh air circulation to eliminate odors and germs
  • State of the art eco-friendly cleaning system
  • Written report card summarizing your pet's stay
  • Large, climate controlled indoor play areas
  • Playgroups customized for your pet's size and play style