Oakland Pet Spa

Lavish your pet with a one-of-a-kind grooming experience at the Wag Hotels Oakland pet spa. Our expert groomers tailor spa treatments to the specific breed and fur type of each dog, so your pet goes home looking their best!

Our dog grooming Oakland offerings include an array of bathing options for various skin, fur, and hair types. Lemon Sea Salt baths combine calming lemongrass extracts in an antimicrobial formula designed to restore dogs’ skin and coats. Moisturizing Coconut Oil Silk Treatments help nourish dry skin. Plus an ear cleaning and nail trim are included with every bath!

Wag Hotels’ pet grooming Oakland experts use our collection of premium Wag Hotels Spa products to pamper pets with treatments tailored to their individual needs. Shampoos formulated without any dyes or fragrances are gentle on sensitive skin. Try a Paw Pad Rub and soothe dry or weary paws of your energetic pup.

Grooming styles can be as creative as you like! Furry fashionistas can get a stylish Paw-Di-Cure with colorful pet-friendly nail polish. Hair can be trimmed into a variety of styles including a poodle cut, lamb cut, topknot, or mohawk. You can even add a flourish of festive colors to your pet’s coat with our selection of pet-friendly hair dyes.

At the Wag Hotels spa, we offer luxurious treatments for every type of dog!

  • Bath

    Breed Specific
    Breed Specific. Please call.
  • All Natural Bath Upgrade

  • Lemon Sea Salt Bath

    Bath Add-On. Lemongrass extracts that will have a calming effect on your pet. This anti-microbial formula will help restore your pets skin.
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment

    Grooming/Bath add on service. An almond oil formulated treatment that will moisturize the skin and damaged hair. This service includes an oatmeal balanced shampoo, conditioner, and a deep conditioning spray to finish.
  • Wag Detox

    Grooming/Bath add on service. A combination package that will leave your dog feeling brand new! Complete with a protein enriched tea tree shampoo, aromatherapy massage, finished with a fur mask treatment.
  • Flea Bath

    $10 - 20. Breed specific.