Fur today, Floor tomorrow: What to do when your dog sheds

Not all dog coats are created equal. Some dogs have smooth coats, some wiry, some are single coats, and some have double coats. Any owner of a double coated dog needs to know about our deshedding service available at the Wag Hotels Spa. This is a fantastic service if your dog is “blowing their coat,” which is a totally normal process for double coated dogs breeds to go through.  

It happens a few times a year, typically when a new season’s coat is coming in. As the weather gets warmer, that winter coat your dog has been sporting, will begin to really shed to make way for their summer coat to grow in. Booking our professional deshedding service during a coat blow can help to minimize the amount of fur you are brushing out daily and ensure that your dog’s coat stays healthy.  

When daily at home brushing and weekly at home deshedding are not enough to keep the furballs away, try our FURminator® deshedding service at the Wag Hotels Spa.  

First, we start by brushing the coat to loosen debris and detangle, followed by a professional shampooing to help lift out loose undercoat hairs. The coat gets a luxurious conditioning with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, chamomile extract, and aloe vera, which helps reduce itchy skin and has antimicrobial properties. After a warm drying, the coat is treated with a deshedding brush specifically designed to gently remove shedding undercoat. Your dog’s coat will be healthy, clean, and way more manageable for daily and weekly at-home care. For the month of February, all FURminator® treatments are 25% off! Click here to Book your dog’s spa appointment today! 

Photo by Gabrielle Costa on Unsplash