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Happy Easter from everyone here at Wag Hotels! Springtime has brought some warmer weather, making it a great time for your pets to play outside. Are you planning a vacation for Spring Break? If so, make your reservation today so your pets can enjoy their very own Spring Bark!

Please come join us March 23rd for our 4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs! This event for all ages has become one of our most popular activities. Bring your pet for a day of fun that includes hors d’oeuvres, photos with the Easter Bunny, raffle prizes, and more. Tickets available here!

Also, St. Patrick’s Day is coming up so make sure to check out the fun activities and contests we have planned for your pets. Join us on March 15th for our St. Patty’s All Day Play Party! Every dog looks good in green; bring your dog dressed in green for a chance to win three free days of All Day Play!

Check our website for upcoming events and specials, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Deals Throughout the month of March, buy one Spring Bark package and get one half-off.

This boarding add-on includes a Private Swim Session and All Day Play. Bring your dog over to Wag Hotels for some fun in the sun!

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Save the Date
3/13 : Puppy 101 Training Class Starts- SF
3/15 : St. Patrick’s Day ADP Party – SF & WS
3/17 : St. Patrick’s Day dog costume contest
on Facebook
3/20 : Every Day Dog Training Class Starts - SF
3/21 : Pet First Aid & CPR Class – WS
3/23 : 4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt – SF & WS
3/31 : Easter Holiday
4/22 - 4/26 : Spring Camp
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Happenings spacer Tickets are still on sale for the 4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs in both Sacramento and San Francisco! Come join us March 23rd from 11am-2pm at Sacramento‘s McKinley Park and from 12-2pm at San Francisco’s Marx Meadow at Golden Gate Park. Tickets are $15 if purchased beforehand and will be $20 if purchased at the event. This event benefits both the Chako Pit Bull Rescue and the Friends of San Francisco Animal Care & Control, so bring your furry friend along to play for a good cause!

For more information and to buy tickets, please visit our website or call 888-WAG-LINE.
Pet of the Month
Congratulations to Walter Young, our pet
of the month!

Walter has been a regular at Wag Hotels San Francisco since he was four months old, and he has grown into the perfect gentleman. During a typical day, Walter can be found playing up a storm with his best friend Colbie (yellow lab), gnawing on toys with Sookie (boxer) or napping on the feet of Wag staff. He also loves a nice, thorough belly rub and taking a dip in the pool. The only thing bigger than Walter's hair is his huge mischievous grin- a grin that wins over everyone he meets!
Pet of the Month
Ask a Trainer

My dog jumps up on me and guest when they come to visit. How can I stop this unruly behavior?

~ Steve, West Sacramento

ASteve, that is a frequent frustration with many dog owners. Your dog has most likely learned these behaviors from past incidents when he has jumped up on people and has received attention. This attention may have come in several forms such as petting, eye contact, or any form of verbal communication, even saying “don’t jump”. Although owners don’t see these responses as a reward, the dog is most likely enjoying the interaction. We must be careful when inadvertently rewarding these actions because dogs are constantly learning!

With that being said, I’d like to encourage you to envision the ideal greeting behavior you’d want to see from your dog. Perhaps you’d like your pet to approach you or a guest and then sit before receiving attention. Unfortunately, you can’t just expect your dog to know this new behavior, so you must teach it to him.

Breakfast and dinner are two very good times to hold a training session. You’ll have kibble readily available for rewarding your pet and, of course, you’ll have your hungry dog’s attention! Start by going outside and reentering like you’ve just arrived home, which will entice your dog to come and greet you. When he approaches, ask him to “sit” or keep “four on the floor” and only reward a successful greeting with some kibble and attention. If your dog jumps up when you enter, you should withdraw your attention, walk away, and start the process all over again.
Be careful, the rewarded behavior here is to have your dog approach you and sit without any jumping. Many owners make a mistake by telling the dog to sit after it has jumped up and then reward it, which actually just reinforces the undesirable behavior.

Be sure to begin practicing in a place with little distractions so your dog can be focused and able to learn the correct actions. Once you feel he knows what is expected, you can ask family members or guests to help reinforce your dog’s new behavior: greet people with a sit and the world is yours!
Paws-a-tively Perfect
Spring training has started and what better time to get your pet some San Francisco Giants gear? The 2012 World Series team’s gear from Doggie Nation, the largest supplier of officially licensed sports apparel and accessories for dogs, is now available at Wag SF.

Stop by today to check out the Giants themed collars, leashes, and clothing options for your pet to sport on gameday.
Paws-a-tively Perfect
Ask a Trainer
The Wag Way Have you heard about our new training program at Wag Hotels? Wag University, which we recently started in both San Francisco and Sacramento, offers a number of training options to dogs AND cats of all ages. At Wag, the introduction of high quality training is a natural progression to uphold our philosophy to provide unparalleled services and amenities to our valued-customers.

Our staff of professionally-trained individuals is currently comprised of Kris Kates and Amy Anner, each of whom have years of dedicated animal training experience. Kris and Amy focus on the concept of positive reinforcement or “lure and reward training”. This innovative approach focuses on reinforcing pets’ good behavior with rewards, such as praise and treats, instead of just using punishment to eliminate bad behaviors. This simple but effective technique can prove to be a powerful tool in shaping your pet’s actions.

Wag is currently offering two types of group classes. The Everyday Dog is a group class for dogs of all ages and levels. Dogs can come without any prior training knowledge, or use the course to reinforce certain skills such as leash management and relaxation techniques. Wag University also offers puppy specific classes which focus on socializing puppies in a clean, safe and fun environment, teaching basic commands, and introducing owners and puppies to various methods of training. These classes are for puppies 8 weeks and older, and puppies are able to come as soon as they have completed their first set of vaccinations.

Private training sessions are also available for your pet and can be held at either of our Wag facilities or in your very own home. Each private training session is tailored to your pet’s needs, so whether you want help with barking, jumping, or other problematic behaviors, our talented trainer will coach your pet to the behavior you desire.

For more information about our training programs and to see our special limited time offers, please visit our Wag University page.

Stay safe and happy,
Jose Gonzalez
Director of Guest Services
$50 off