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Wag Hotels Words of Wag September 2012
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As we near Thanksgiving and the end of the year, we would like to take a moment to thank all of our valued friends, staff and clients. Without you, Wag Hotels would not be what it is. Thank you.

Last month we hosted the 1st Annual Wag Awards in San Francisco. The event turned out to be a great success; thank you to everyone who attended in support of the Friends of Berkeley Animal Care Services. Click here to view photos from the event.

We’re filling up fast for the holidays, so if you haven’t already, make your holiday reservations as soon as possible. Call 888-WAG-LINE to make a reservation today. Remember, you can keep up to date with events and specials on our website or by following us on Facebook and Twitter.
DealsThe 12 Days of Winter Play is just around the corner, and we want your pup to join in this winter celebration with this month’s deal. Right now, when you purchase all 12 days of camp, get 2 of the days for FREE!

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for more details.
Save the Date
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11/22 : Thanksgiving – Book Now!
12/2 : Small Dog Holiday Party - SF
12/3-12/18 : 12 Days of Winter Play - WS & SF
12/25: Christmas – Book Now!
Save the Date
Happenings spacer Wag Hotels will be collecting monetary donations throughout the month of December for local animal rescue groups during our Season of Giving Donation Drive. During this month long event, clients will have the opportunity to make a donation through our front desk during check-in or online on our website. At the end of the drive, Wag Hotels will choose a couple lucky donors at random to win either a 3-night stay in one of our Ultra Suites, or a monthly All Day Play pack.

With your help, we hope to make a difference this holiday season in the lives of homeless and neglected animals in our communities.
Pet of the Month
Congratulations to our pets of the month
Bear and Fletch Porter!

Bear and Fletch are two of the silliest siblings here at Wag Hotels. In All Day Play, both love to play fetch and keep away with the staff and their many furry friends. Bear loves to see how many toys he can fit into his mouth at once, and enjoys teasing his friends Sonny, Lena and Lola with his success. Fletch on the other hand enjoys throwing Kongs around the room trying to catch them before her two BFFs Annie and Lucy beat her to the punch. Toward the end of the day, when all their puppy energy has been used up, both find some time to cuddle with the staff before enjoying a short siesta.
Pet of the Month
Ask a Trainer

Do you have any tips and tricks to help my dog make it happily through the holidays?

~ Kayla, San Francisco

Ask A Trainer
AOne of the most important things that you can do to help your pet through the holidays is try to keep up with your pet’s normal routines. As we rush around getting last minute chores done, we often throw off our pet’s feeding times or skip that evening walk ritual. Whenever our pets experience a change in their routine, their stress levels are likely to increase. Stress can exacerbate preexisting medical conditions and can even cause senior or susceptible pets to go into shock.

Another thing that can cause problems for your pet is the appearance of visitors in your home. If your dog gets excited easily or has problems with jumping and/or barking, plan ahead and take them on a long walk before you have company. Tiring your dog out beforehand can make them more manageable for when your visitors arrive. Alternatively, you can use an interactive feeding toy to feed them their meals which will help to burn off extra mental energy. You should also keep a stash of high-value treats and toys on hand, which you can use to redirect your pet’s attention away from visitors when they arrive.

Make sure that you always have a safe, quiet place available in your house where your pet can go to escape from visitors and noise. A separate room that is seldom used is ideal as a safe haven; it should be off limits to guests and contain furniture for the pet to hide under or behind if they wish. It should also have a clean supply of water as many pets will drink more when stressed.

With a little bit of planning and awareness, you can help make this holiday season a little bit merrier for your four-legged friend!
Paws-a-tively Perfect
Our friends at VibraPet have created the ultimate holiday meal for your pampered pooch. This special meal features hand pulled boneless skinless turkey with a light turkey glaze, baked sweet potatoes, green beans, apple cranberry stuffing and pumpkin pie puppy pudding. VibraPet’s holiday meal is low in fat and sodium and contains no added sugar. Your pooch can enjoy this delicious meal during their next stay at Wag Hotels or from the comfort of your own home. Call or talk to a Wag team member to find out how. Paws-a-tively Perfect
Ask a Trainer

The Wag WayFor humans, the holidays are generally a time of relaxation and celebration. But for our pets, the holidays can be a time of stress, anxiety and hidden dangers. Below are some simple tips to keep your pet safe, healthy and happy this holiday season.

Table scraps go in the trash and not to your pet. As pet parents we sometimes “kill with kindness”, because we enjoy the rich fatty foods and wish to share the joys of the holiday season with our pets too. The danger is that food too rich, fatty or spicy can cause major stomach upset or inflammation of the pancreas and intestines. A small amount of meat will not hurt but do not give your pet the fatty skin, heavily greased or seasoned pieces, and be aware of poultry bones. Even larger turkey bones can splinter when chewed and those shards can then go on to cause blockages or pierce the intestines. Instead, safely spoil your pet with a pet-friendly holiday meal from Wag Hotels (see the Paws-a-tively Perfect section of this newsletter).

Be careful with holiday floral arrangements. Several plants commonly used in holiday decorations are known to cause serious and painful gastrointestinal issues for pets when ingested. Lilies of all varieties can cause kidney failure in cats, and mistletoe and holly berries are also on the list of plants known to be poisonous to pets. Consider using fake or pet-friendly plants instead.

Many popular holiday treats and snacks can be toxic to pets. Seeds and pits from many fruits, chocolate, macadamia nuts, walnuts, coffee, tea, salt, onions, and other foods can be harmful to pets. Cats also love to play with candy wrappers, but ingesting aluminum foil or cellophane can pose a choking hazard or cause intestinal blockage.

Cover the Christmas tree water. Christmas tree water may contain fertilizers which, if ingested, can cause stomach upset. Stagnant tree water can also act as a breeding ground for bacteria and if your furry friend drinks the water, they could end up with abdominal discomfort, vomiting and diarrhea.

Decorations can be dangerous. When consumed, traditional decorations such as ribbons and tinsel can become lodged in the intestines and cause intestinal obstruction. This is a very common problem with cats. Also, take precautions to prevent your pets from having access to wires and cords from holiday decorations. If chewed, a charged wire can deliver a potentially lethal electrical shock.

Remember not to leave your furry friends outside for too long, especially at night or during colder temperatures. Just because they have fur doesn’t mean that they can comfortably handle cold temperatures.

Think beyond safety…think comfort. The unusual commotion of the holiday season can be stressful on animals as well as humans. Put your pets in a quiet room or quiet area of the house when guests are visiting. Better yet, check your pet into your local Wag Hotel. Open 24/7/365 we offer a safe, clean and convenient place for your dog to rest during the busy holiday season.

Be prepared for an emergency. Keep a phone list on your refrigerator of the following emergency contacts: your pet’s regular veterinarian, an off-hours emergency veterinarian and the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (888)426-4435.

Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season!
Jose Gonzalez
Director of Guest Services