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Education and Dog Training San Francisco

At Wag University, we believe education and training are an important part in the relationship between pet and owner. Our staff of certified bay area dog trainers strive to provide the highest quality training and education experience available and continually aim to meet and exceed the needs of both our guests and (human) clients. We offer dog training in San Francisco and around the bay area. 

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Current dog training offerings in San Francisco:

Dog Training San Francisco

Individual Dog Training

Private one-on-one training available either on-site at the Wag Hotels facility in San Francisco or from your home or other location of your choosing.

Dog Training San Francisco

Group Classes

Small group classes for puppies and adult dogs alike including free puppy socials. Check out our current list of dog training classes happening right now!

Board & Dog Training San Francisco

Board & Train

An add-on training package available for Wag Hotels boarding guests. One of our San Francisco dog trainers will work with your pet during their stay at Wag Hotels.

Our approach

Here at Wag University, we believe that training is an important step in a longer process of building a sturdy relationship with your dog. Our San Francisco dog trainers practice positive reinforcement training, which rewards dogs for good behaviors rather than punishing them for bad. We use a variety of dog training techniques, but our main focus is on teaching a dog new behaviors through luring, shaping and molding. We always try to ensure that this process is fun for both the dog and owner.

Wag University's San Francisco dog training services are offered to all dogs, regardless of breed, age, size and temperament. We aim to give dogs and their owners the skills necessary for a happy and healthy relationship, in a fun and safe environment.

Our dog training philosophy

Training begins for us the moment a dog is brought into a new family. In an effort to help ensure that all dogs are given access to training and socialization we host FREE puppy socials which are aimed at providing owner friendly education on how to raise a happy, calm puppy. Our puppy socials also focus on early puppy socialization which is a vital step in preventing behavior and temperament problems later in life. Held in clean and controlled environments, these socials are open to puppies 8 weeks and older as long as they have received their first set of vaccinations.

Choosing which training is right for you

Not sure which training is best for you? Don't worry, one of our skilled dog trainers here in San Francisco can help you figure this out. We take all matters into consideration when helping you to decide, including time commitment, age of your dog, and what type of behaviors you are struggling with. Our dog training classes offer simple solutions to the most common problems, but not all dogs will benefit from this sort of an environment and at times private lessons, which can be easily fit into your schedule, are the best option. For busy pet parents we also offer a Board & Train program where a trainer will work with your dog during their stay at Wag Hotels.

About our dog trainers in San Francisco

Kris Kates

Dog Training San Francisco

As the Director of Training at Wag U, Kris Kates comes to our San Francisco dog training team with a long history of animal training. Starting her professional career working with exotic animals for zoos and movies, Kris soon turned her attention to companion animal training. She has spent the past 20 years focused on education and behavior modification for dogs and cats. An active member of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) since its inception in 1993, Kris has held positions on the board as both President and Executive Director.

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